Art Advisory - The Value of Art in Living Spaces

Your home is “your haven,” and that’s why decorating it to your own unique taste is what makes it so valuable. You need to feel comfort within your space. Therefore, surrounding yourself with the art that you love, helps personalise and elevate your state of mind.


From a functional design outlook, art acts as a focal point, making interior spaces appear finished, and immediately showcases your interests and cultural knowledge to guests. By choosing to live with art, you are choosing to bring more life into your home.


Art creates mood and adds personal character to your environment. In addition, art  collecting provides a culturally valuable investment that will be carried forward into the coming generations. This timeless acquisition will appreciate in value over time, starting an art collection for an individual collector marks the beginning of a rewarding successful story, while always maintaining focus on the love of art itself. 


Whether it is a memory or a feeling, a piece of art can evoke powerful emotions when observed. Art affects the emotive journey of our days, sparks memories, or inspires our personal growth and development. It can provide individual and collective identity in that we are not alone in feeling a certain way.


In addition to homes, also successful corporate collections often feature emerging and established contemporary artists, while demonstrating direct references to the proximate cultural milieu. Art is additionally placed in working spaces, sharing its positive effects and impact towards employees and visitors.


Art is more than just a decoration, as it challenges you intellectually, confronts preexisting ideas you may hold, and compels your mind to push its boundaries.


By leaning into these feelings, we push ourselves to think more openly and to see the world through a different lens. Having artwork that has shifted our worldview in our own home, becomes a daily reminder to question our habits and thoughts.


A collection of elegantly placed artwork speaks volumes towards your prestige within the world of art. Art facilitates the preservation of culture, historical cultivation, and higher levels of thinking.


Whether it’s your personality or what you value in life, art is the perfect translator. This lets you forge deeper connections with those who come into your home.

  • Guidelines into starting your collection:

    Guidelines into starting your collection:

    • Ensure the artist has an established curriculum and collaborations with well structured art galleries
    • The artist has participated in art fairs and relevant art events 
    • The artistic language is consistent and recognisable within their body of works
    • The artist should not have an excessive quantity of artworks in the market and should keep a limit to yearly productions
    • Accessibility and conformity in price range distributed across art selling platforms
    • When purchasing an artwork, request a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist, additional to the artist signature on the work