"My works are conceptual. I am intrigued with evoking emotions through multiple perspectives, using the fusion of colour and texture” 

Since Emad’s youth, his attention was constantly focused on pastel chalks and painting on the walls, which brought his family and surroundings to notice his talent. However, with growing into his artistic nature, Emad’s favoured medium is a mixture of pigments with charcoal. This mixed media provides a window into the personality of the artist, where the contemporary spirit of the subjects of each artwork, gradually come to light through the dynamic mechanism of separate mediums. The artist utilizes this movement of material in conjunction with spontaneous gestures that involve his entire body to create his pieces, producing work to be able to be viewed in multiple ways. 


Emad’s works focus on existential themes, taking inspiration from surrealists such as Salvador Dali and Diego Rivera. Each of his pieces stand for a unique concept, whether it is conceptual work, or experimenting space and interacting with the audience. This exploration initiates dialogue between the interplay of the unusual use of colour, texture and style, supplemented with an abundance of paint.