Trails of Light by Helidon Xhixha : A new open-air exhibition by contemporary artist Helidon Xhixha, in collaboration with SHOT Magazine.

20 July - 20 December 2021

The summer of 2021 will see the unveiling of a new open-air exhibition by contemporary artist Helidon Xhixha, in collaboration with SHOT Magazine. 


Set within the stunning scenery of Costa Smeralda, a well renowned Italian seaside resort in Northern Sardinia. For this exhibition, the artist has sought to emphasize on the importance of light as the main source of energy of all living organism and of the global ecosystem. Only with enough light is growth and life possible, being understood as the power of vitality and the fundamental source of life.


Radiant Energy is a wall sculpture measuring 138 x 85 x 24 cm and monumental sculpture Luce della Laguna measuring 210 x 140 x 50 cm, are installed at the Costa Smeralda Airport of Olbia.


Two installations stand tall in the Town Center of Porto Cervo: Equilibrio, 2013, measuring 243 x 120 x 95 cm and “Neon”, 2017, measuring 330 x 150 x 100 cm.


Another three sculptures are placed within the luxurious settings of the Petra Segreta Resort: Eclisse d’Acciaio, 2019 measuring 210 x 130 x 75 cm, Frammento Di Luce
2019, 15L x 15P x 72H cm and O Di Giotto, 2021, Measuring 39L x 20P x 49H cm.


The Emerald Coast is a magical location full of uniqueness and tradition, a perfect stage for the luminous and contemporary sculptures of Helidon Xhixha. Blending in perfect harmony with the environmental setting and the nature of the island, the sculptures are placed in strategic locations to be admired and interacted with by the public.


The Emerald Coast Owens is named to its particular hue of sea and to the chromatic variations of the transparent waters. Costa Smeralda, as most of the territory of Sardinia, is an open sky museum steeped in history and art influenced by the region’s unique culture and ancient traditions.