Ventanni for Vespa : Society Motors at Firetti Contemporary

16 December 2021 - 2 February 2022

Society Motors and Firetti Contemporary are both born amidst the culture and creativity of Alserkal Avenue, a multidisciplinary space for creatives and like-minded individuals to share ideas and innovations.

In occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Vespa, Firetti Contemporary engages in an inspiring collaboration with Society Motors, where Italian artist Samuele Ventanni, will perform an intervention on the Vespa VXL 150. The Vespa has become synonymous with style, freedom and all things Italian. The name alone conjures up images of beautiful people in beautiful places. The evolution of the Vespa has paved the way for the scooter to go down in history as a unique phenomenon in the worlds’ motorised travel history, an artwork in itself.


The artist,  Samuele Ventanni, was born in Umbertide, Italy in 1986. Ventanni plays with both concepts of futurism and spatialism by challenging the conventions of present conceptions by becoming avant-garde. The artwork created is built and designed in a manner to capture light, along with manipulating ways to accentuate certain hues and tones.


With the origin of Vespa stemming from the aeronautical field to re-develop the automobile market in Italy, there was a transformation towards a modern and affordable mode of transportation for the masses. Similar to the shift from traditional to modern, Ventanni’s work transforms century old ideologies into artistic representation for viewers to digest. Both concepts working to illustrate the possibilities for the upcoming millennium.


Ventanni offers the opportunity to look to the future by imagining circumstances without fear but with confrontation, and encourages that in these circumstances to contemplate the break and separation between past and present. This positions and guides the concept of Ventanni’s work to raise awareness of our current reality, by amalgamating the effects of futurism and spatialism to flow through his pieces and into materiality.


It is with the theme of space that Ventanni works with, that indicates this possibility of creating dialogue between futurism and spatialism.