ROOTS & REFLECTIONS : A Journey through Time and Nature

6 May - 31 August 2023

Roots and Reflections: A Journey through Time and Nature showcases the richness and diversity of contemporary art and invites us to reflect on the universal themes that artists explore through their work.

Curated by Mara Firetti 
Roots and Reflections: A Journey through Time and Nature is an immersive exhibition that takes viewers on a captivating journey through the works of four contemporary artists from diverse backgrounds. These artists employ various mediums to create works that capture their personal histories, life experiences, cultural roots, and reflections on nature.
The exhibition is thoughtfully curated around three central themes that are fundamental to the human experience: memory and identity, nature and environment, and innovation and experimentation. Through these themes, the artists explore essential questions about the human condition and the relationship between the self and the world around us.
The mixed media works of Robert Santore convey the theme of memory and identity, exploring his personal history and cultural roots. Born in California to a fifth-generation Texan family, Santore spent his formative years moving between the U.K. and California, and he began creating art at a young age as a way to process his experiences. His layered pieces express the complexity of his memories and the events that shaped him, drawing inspiration from his extensive travels through Europe and the South Pacific.
Memory and identity are also prominent themes in the works of African-American artist Halim Flowers, who draws on his personal experiences and struggles with the criminal justice system to explore themes of race, identity, and the human condition. His works challenge viewers to confront their assumptions and biases about identity and societal norms, highlighting the importance of diversity in art and the power of visual storytelling to inspire critical reflection and promote social change.
The theme of nature and environment is explored through the marble sculptures of Sylvestre Gauvrit and the wooden wall sculptures of Jason Middlebrook. Gauvrit's organic sculptures prompt us to reflect on our relationship with the natural world, while Middlebrook's carved tree trunks serve as canvases for geometric compositions that reference the works of artists such as Ellsworth Kelly, Bridget Riley, and Frank Stella. These works invite us to consider the relationship between art and nature and to contemplate the ways in which the natural world shapes our lives and art.
The exhibition also highlights innovation and experimentation, as demonstrated through the mixed media pieces of Robert Santore and the marble sculptures of Sylvestre Gauvrit. These works push the boundaries of what is possible with different mediums, challenging viewers' perceptions of art and inviting us to see the world in new and unexpected ways.
Taken together, Roots and Reflections: A Journey through Time and Nature showcases the richness and diversity of contemporary art and invites us to reflect on the universal themes that artists explore through their work. Through the eyes of these artists, we are reminded of the importance of our roots and the ways in which our reflections on the natural world can inspire creativity and innovation. This exhibition encourages us to contemplate the complex relationship between memory, identity, and the natural world and to consider the role of art in shaping our understanding of the world. Join us on this journey through time and nature and discover the power of art to connect us with the world around us.