Laura Lappi and Helidon Xhixha at DIFC Sculpture Park

A Harmony of Different Voices, Tribute to the UAE's 50th Year

The launch of the Sculpture Park begins in the first week of march, viewers will be presented with 62 Awe-inspiring Artworks by Various artists and galleries from all over the world. The Sculpture Park will be open to the public in the first week of March.


Laura Lappi  presents two wall sculptures, Umbra IX and Umbra X.


The magnificent wall sculpture pieces explore the relationship between physical spaces, man-made structures, and the human mind - the psychogeography of places. By focusing on the environmental aspects of a place, Lappi brings up important discursive questions of how fine art can help us better understand the roots of our culture and contribute to solving the ecological crisis of our time. Umbra focuses on the deepest details found in dark shadows. The wall sculptures are abstracted segments of various architectural structures based on existing locations and places from Lappi’s memory.


Helidon Xhixha presents three monumental sculptures, Pillar of FortitudeEclisse D'accaio and The Moon


Pillar of Fortitude is dedicated to the glorious celebration to mark the 50th National Day Anniversary as the nation commemorates its milestone Golden Jubilee. The sculpture measures 7 meters in height alluding to the numeric 1, representing the 7 Emirates of the UAE, standing tall and united, soaring upwards into the sky, towards a prosperous, limitless future.

Eclisse D’accaio highlights how there is a sense of brokenness in this cycle of life, due to the process that everything comes together and falls apart. This duality that the world is complete and incomplete at the same time is seen throughout the piece, engaging with its surrounding environment through its captivating reflectiveness.

The Moon represents the gravity and significance that we place on the Moon, elucidating the spherical beauty we see when looking up into the sky no matter the time of day. The Moon helps moderate our climate and atmosphere, being the basis of how seasons change and the calculator for our months. Alongside the significance towards the Earth’s environmental equilibrium, the Moon signifies wisdom and intuition, where there is a certain allure that draws us in when we seek change.



February 25, 2022