• "Creating Meaningful and Sustainable Collections"

    Firetti Contemporary is a gallery where art and creative concepts align from the region and beyond, encouraging global engagement through creating meaningful and sustainable collections.


    By representing both established and emerging artists from all over the world, Firetti Contemporary strives to build a multidisciplinary art space with a strong identity to an international platform. Bringing together like-minded individuals and pioneers of the artistic and expressive future, the gallery assembles a dynamic curation of works that encourage the importance of individuality as well as establishing collective alignment. 


    Using the vast space of the gallery, Firetti Contemporary ventures to support a network of collaborations with a unique taste in presentation, becoming an integral part of the local community. The gallery embraces the central place that art can play in sustainability and social issues, whilst doing so its mission is to become a vehicle for social change, instilling values in our society through the inspirational power of art.




    Founded by Mara Firetti, an entrepreneur and devoted art collector who is deeply committed to fostering the advancement and global recognition of artists. Over the past 15 years, Mara has distinguished herself as an astute art advisor and dedicated advocate for artists, orchestrating public events and international exhibitions in prestigious institutions and renowned Art Fairs. Through these endeavors, she has cultivated an impressive array of esteemed art collectors, simultaneously gaining invaluable expertise as a press officer, and cultivating an extensive network of significant connections.
    With her headquarters in Dubai, Mara's overarching vision revolves around cultivating an intricate web of artistic collaborations characterized by a distinctive presentation approach. This vision, in turn, seeks to seamlessly integrate with the local community. Through this endeavor, Mara is dedicated to nurturing emerging artists in the region and embracing the pivotal role that art assumes in fostering sustainability and addressing societal concerns. In her noble pursuit, her mission extends to catalyzing social change, utilizing the transformative influence of art to inculcate values that enrich our society.



  • At her right hand side is Celine Azem, a Syrian-Italian curator. She received her bachelor’s degree in Curation at Central...

    At her right hand side is Celine Azem, a Syrian-Italian curator. She received her bachelor’s degree in Curation at Central Saint Martins (London, UK) in 2019. Celine is part of Firetti Contemporary’s team as Curator and Director. Her practice as a curator is interdisciplinary, covering a range of themes and working with both international and regional artists. She has organised exhibitions in both the private and public sectors and engages in cross-cultural exchange between the UAE and Italy. Her focus is on promoting and supporting the growth of artists from the Middle East. 


    Together the team shares a deeply rooted passion in art and all it stands for.  Their mission is to establish an Art Gallery that promotes and supports emerging and established artists that create meaningful artworks and  deliver a strong statement from different corners of the world.