Negin Fallah Iranian , b. 1985

Negin's painting’s aesthetics present a constant dialogue between chaos and harmony, presence and absence, creation and destruction. 

Negin Fallah (1985) is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Iran, currently residing in Roma, Italy, where she is pursuing her MFA in Printmaking at RUFA-Rome University of Fine Arts. Her artistic approach spans across various disciplines, including painting, printmaking, sculpture, stop motion, and performance art.
Negin’s artistic journey began in 2006, immersed in the rich traditions of Iranian art, particularly in Tazhib (illuminated manuscript & Iranian mandala), Tasheer (flora and fauna), and Iranian Miniature. This journey was complemented by her academic pursuits, including Graphic Design (AA) at Hafez University in Tehran, Iran, and Interior Design (BA) at the Lebanese International University in Lebanon.
Driven by a profound curiosity to trace the evolution of traditional Iranian art forms across diverse cultures, Negin undertook journeys to countries such as the UAE, Lebanon, India, and Turkey. Simultaneously, her childhood fascination with architecture and figurative drawing evolved into essential tools for articulating her artistic vision.
Through her artwork, a perpetual dialogue unfolds between chaos and harmony, presence and absence, creation and destruction. The foundation of her artistic exploration delves into concepts encompassing human behavior, psychology, naturalism philosophy, literature, and mythology.

Her selected exhibitions include FIRETTI CONTEMPORARY - UAE,  Espace Sait-Remi - Bordeaux, France, HUB Kuwait – Kuwait, Iwan Maktabi, Beirut - Lebanon, 392RMEIL393, Beirut – Lebanon.