Breaking Boundaries: The Evolution of Language

Panel Discussion now on Youtube

Alongside the exhibition Breaking Boundaries, Firetti Contemporary has hosted a panel discussion on the topic of the evolution of Language with a focus on Arabic Calligraphy. The panel highlights shifts in language and communication as a result of technology, globalisation and art. Through this panel, Firetti Contemporary once again pushes the importance of the gallery to act as a platform for connecting minds and concepts within a global cultural space, by intersecting ideas and themes of significance towards the forefront of the art scene.


The panel discussion was held in Arabic, view here: 


 Moderator: Osama Tinbakji, Arabic Public Relations and Communications Expert




Nasser Al Salem, Artist and Calligrapher. Al-Salem’s artistic practice challenges the boundaries of the traditional Islamic art of calligraphy by re-contextualizing it in unconventional mixed media forms and conceptual potential through minimalist and architectural methods. 


Jamal Habroush Al Suwaidi, Emirati Artist with a Dubai based foundation dedicated to his work. Habroosh Art Foundation is proud to be the first and, to date, the only foundation dedicated to an Emirati artist. Its team are also delighted to have the opportunity to share Al Suwaidi’s well-documented career, alongside the many meaningful messages found within his work, with as wide an audience as possible.


Kassem Wahba, Professor of Linguistics,Dr. Wahba has taught Arabic as a foreign language and Linguistics at several institutions around the world, including Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins, and Cornell, Middlebury College. His current research focuses on Teaching Arabic as a Foreign and a Second Language with previous work published in the areas of Applied Arabic Linguistics, and is a co-editor of Handbook for Arabic Language Teaching Professionals in the 21st Century series (2006, 2018).


Diana Ayoub, Journalist, Ayoub has bachelor degree in Sociology. Started her career in journalism since 2004. She got three awards in journalism and a certificate of honor from Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, for her work and writings in art and culture field. She is the senior journalist of culture and literature in Emarat Alyoum Newspaper which is part of Dubai Media incorporation.


Fatima Al Kurdi, a senior curator and an art advisor at Iris art advisory. Her experience is focused on both Art market & Art education. Fatima also runs a podcast. TART, an art podcast where she shares her experiences, thoughts, and perception on the Art world, encouraging the public to re-evaluate their opinions on art.



March 6, 2022