Moon Man Magazine

2018, Moon Man Studios
Moon Man Studios, 2018

Moon Man is a culture magazine inspired by design, with a global focus in presenting contemporary art, photography, fashion and architecture. Moon Man places diverse artists and ideas in conversation with one another. The publishers mission is to slow down the pace, typically found within the commercial world, to take a deep breath, and absorb the beauty that is available to us.


Working with leading designers, Moon Man is foremost focused on the magazine as a collectable object, with the motivation for our readers to collect and preserve each issue. Moon Man will appear for the duration of five limited edition issues, completing a full collectable set. Once the set is complete, a further experience will reveal itself, as the Moon Man Magazine exhibition comes to an end. By welcoming you to the pages of our exhibition, we hope to create an intricate web of experiences, stimulating all senses and inflating your imaginations.