Helidon Xhixha - In random order

2017, Ufizzi Exhibition Catalogue, Curated by Diego Giolitti and Eike Schmidt
Curated by Diego Giolitti and Eike Schmidt

There is a suspended quiet when the last light falls between the green walls of the Garden. Suspended is the time told by its forms, the order of the geometries desired by the hands that have shaped them. Yet nothing is still. The Garden changes silently. , increases its living matter, has its roots in a humus made of earth and time, of genius, of beauty, of infinite care. Everything evolves and changes, but not the rigor of the natural laws that regulate that perennial cycle of life and of death that happens every day here too and that recalls another germ to life to continue building. It is the ancestral conflict and balance between a desired and pursued order and the creative and evolutionary force that governs every process in the natural world. with these roots, that the Boboli Gardens welcomes the works of Helidon Xhixha. They are works that have the gift of hospitality: they are lawn, tree, patch of blue, they are the man who observes them, the changing light of every hour of the day or, the pulsating darkness of the night of the Garden, where everything continues while, around, the rest rests.

They become eyes of stone and leaf. Thus, whether it is the living and woody matter of a tree or the inert material of steel, it no longer marks only the physical space of a boundary, but becomes a horizon, beyond which there is still an infinite space of creation. And every act of this creation becomes a perennial and choral song, to Man, to Nature, and to all their seasons. (Bianca Maria Landi, curator of the Botanical Heritage Coordinator of the Boboli Gardens)