Omar Hassan "Per Le Strade"

Published by Baldini & Castoldi

Omar Hassan, Per Le Strade is the first published book by the artist, an autobiographical account of the story of his artworks. Inspired by the words of Hassan’s professor, Alberto Garutti, “you are the only generation that can travel with a few euros, you have to go out to discover and explore… The Academy is not done in the classroom, but is made by breathing its experience in the world”.


With this quote, Hassan became enlightened and understood the meaning of creating his own meaningful experiences. Starting from everyday reality and real life, Hassan dreamed of vast aspirations and hopes while sitting on the benches of Lambrate and took these words as a means to help himself up. And so he did, Hassan, son of multiethnic suburbs of the Milanese neighbourhoods and Egyptian roots, got up from the Lambrate benches and fought to make his dreams come true. 


Hassan’s ambition and tenacity of establishing himself in a professional sporting career through boxing was shattered after being diagnosed with type-1-diabetes. He was then forced to retire from competitive boxing, and came to the realization that no disease would knock him down. This led to Hassan venturing his way through the art world, and becoming one of the greatest Italian expressionists of action painting. 


This book is Hassan’s colourful autobiography, in which the artist creates his own narrative with words and drawings to communicate his art. The book closely highlights the link between Hassan and his personal life of boxing, his past, friendships, passions, defeats and most importantly his victories. 


Inside a limited number of copies of the book, there is an original artwork on papyrus hand-numbered and autographed by the artist. This edition of the book will only be available till the 17th of June.