Yousra Wahba Egypt

"Inspired by the flow of the materials to create distinctive metamorphic-shaped sculpture embody the colors, texture, and movement of nature in organic form. Through the form and alchemy of synthetic resin, ink, wood & plexiglass; I create sculptures that capture the wild aspect of nature and reflect fleeting moment of streaming energy."

Yousra Wahba is a multi-disciplinary Egyptian artist currently living and working in Dubai, UAE.


Her works explore the wild aspect of nature and reflect fleeting moments of energy. A self-taught artist who uses creative experimental processes in both painting and science as a metaphor for one another; reflecting her bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Science. She creates distinctive metamorphic shaped sculptures which embody the colors, textures, and movement of nature in organic form. Through the alchemy of synthetic resin, ink, plexiglass, wood, and other organic materials, she is continuously testing the limits of her materials while pushing them in a unique way to develop an organic form.


Yousra’ s material of choice is resin allowing her to be working with fluid medium to sculpt and analyze the nature of time and gravity to create delicate and translucent sculptures in the most beautiful representation of blurring the boundary between art and science.


Yousra has participated at the most respected and esteemed galleries and events in the UAE and abroad such as Firetti Contemporary, Alserkal Avenue, Tashkeel (Made in Tashkeel 2022), Etihad Modern Art Gallery in Abu Dhabi, The International Contemporary Art Fair in Paris, The Other Art Fair Virtual Exhibition represented by Saatchi Art, Atelier Montez Rome, and Maldives International Art Fair to name a few.


Yousra’ s artwork recently achieved 2nd place at the second edition of The National Bank Of Fujairah art competition, her work was also shortlisted for Al Futtaim art competition 2022.