Ghizlane Sahli Morocco, b. 1973

"Everything is a source of inspiration. I want to try to describe a feeling, an emotion through my work. I mostly use metaphor with nature to describe those emotions"⁠⁠

Born in 1973 in Meknes, Morocco, Ghizlane Sahli lives and works in Marrakech. Sahli tells of an interior and organic journey, where she embroiders, sculpts and draws. With the help of ancestral techniques and the know-how of the women artisans who surround her, she develops her contemporary ideas. 


Through her acts of recycling, re-energising and re-use, Sahli draws attention to critical environmental issues while also evoking beauty that potentially lies underneath. Carried by a universal dimension, Sahli’s artwork is immersed with the theme of nature, which is embedded seemingly everyday. These pieces represent the need for durable progressions in development and also the future of the planet.