The Majlis at Lamborghini

A collaboration between Firetti Contemporary, Gaggenau and Lamborghini
Lamborghini, Firetti Contemporary, and Gaggenau unite in a celebration of excellence, blending the sophistication of Lamborghini with the cultural richness of art and spirituality during Ramadan. This exclusive Suhoor event promises an unforgettable experience, combining elegance with artistic expression and featuring a culinary journey catered by Gaggenau, the renowned provider of luxury home appliances.
The exhibition, titled The Majlis, curated by Firetti Contemporary, highlights the talents of artists from the MENA region and beyond, offering a captivating display of sculptures, paintings, and live performances that resonate with the spiritual essence of this sacred time. This event brings together luxury, art, and cultural celebration, creating memories that surpass the ordinary.
Featured artists include Sylvestre Gauvrit (France), Yousra Wahba (Egypt),  Diaa Allam (Egypt), and Ghaleb Hawila (Lebanon). Through their works, each artist pays homage to cross-cultural appreciation and fosters connections among individuals from diverse backgrounds. The Majlis showcases the universal language of art, reflecting the beautiful harmony of ideas, feelings, and actions, symbolizing the diverse yet united community embracing the spirit of Ramadan.
Deeply intertwined with nature's embrace, Sylvestre Guavrit's sculptures reflect his sensitivity, perceptiveness, and exceptional craftsmanshipan homage to the world's profound intricacies. Raised amidst millennium oaks, Guavrit presents two sculptures for this exhibition: one crafted from marble, the other from steel. His ability to shape these raw materials into monumental artworks seamlessly resonates with the spiritual and artisanal essence. Guavrit's creations offer a captivating reflection of our world, aligning with the exhibition's central aim of nurturing cross-cultural understanding through the universal language of art.
Diaa Allam's innovative Arabic calligraphy bridges tradition and modernity, as seen in his paintings titled 'Tracks of Our Lives.' These pieces explore the unique paths we all traverse as individuals, from childhood to adulthood, encountering challenges, setbacks, and triumphs along the way. Each path is distinct, akin to fingerprints, with its twists and turns, some more difficult than others. Yet, despite our differences, we all share the common journey of life, marked by a beginning, a journey, and an end.
Yousra Wahba's art revolves around freezing memories and evoking emotions, blending science and art to reflect the interconnectedness of nature and human existence. Her installation, 'Harmony Unbound - Immersed in the Quiet Blue,' invites introspection and reflects life's fluidity. Yousra's art is marked by a play of contrasts, such as light and dark, transparency and opacity, mirroring the complexity of life. Her work delves into the interconnectedness of nature and human existence, revealing the patterns found in biology and emotions and inviting viewers to reflect on the beauty of life's fleeting moments.
Ghaleb Hawila, an Arabic calligraphy artist from Lebanon, merges tradition with contemporary expression, showcasing the beauty and elegance of Arabic script. Ghalebs live art performance during the event will contribute a testament to his commitment to reimagining the inherent beauty of Arabic letters. With a global exhibition history, his work serves as a bridge for cross-cultural understanding, inviting audiences to explore the rich intersection of culture and creativity.
March 26, 2024