Christine Nyatho b. 1993

Christine Nyatho was born and raised in Kampala, her father originally came from Nebbi

and her mother is from Masaka. She is a mixed media artist working with locally found

materials such as bark-cloth, discarded paper and fabrics. Nyatho is fascinated by lunar

cycles and how the moon influences human behavior and culture. Her work explores

imagery and symbolism created around lunar bodies, her interest in art dates back in

2015 when she worked with Weaver Bird Foundation and later when she worked as a

studio assistant for artist Collin Sekajugo. Along the way she attended his mentorship

programs that involved other young aspiring artists. It’s through his assistance and

guidance that her interest in contemporary art piqued.


Nyatho has been involved in different Weaver Bird Residency programs including the

Art camp that takes in Masaka every month and the ongoing MAKE MASAKA public art