Pascal’s innovative practice is affiliated with the legacy of functional design and its potential to invoke universal dialogue. Pascal participates in the revolutionary practice of making, to explore new concepts within the African-Caribbean context. 

Pascal holds a Bachelors honour degree in Architecture and a Master’s degree in Fine Art.  He was selected for the prestigious Bloomberg New Contemporaries (2017) UK and has exhibited globally in Africa, UK, North America and Europe. Pascal was invited to produce work on a month long studio residency in LA during 2019.


Irvin Pascal uses a multidisciplinary approach to his works. Aiming to dissolve the traditional division between painting and sculpture, Pascal has developed his own material: Pascollar. It can be formed like clay or plaster, but it surpasses these materials in stability, durability, and value. Furthermore, unlike metal, which is subject to the influence of a foundry, Pascollar is shaped by the artist’s hand alone. Pascal’s sculptures have their own ‘signature style’, akin to the individual brushstrokes on a painting that reveal the identity of the master. The versatility of Pascollar is even demonstrated in the medium of painting. He thus ultimately opens a new dialogue between his two and three-dimensional works.