Eltjon Valle is an Albanian artist currently living and working in Milan, Italy. After graduating from the Brera Academy in 2007, he has explored the theme of petroleum, the element of oil that drives the global economy but also causes tension and conflict, through a range of mediums including painting, installations, drawings, photography, and video.
Valle's art highlights the importance of combating the overexploitation of land and the environmental impacts of pollution. Inspired by the political and ecological turmoil he witnessed in his hometown of Kurcova and the industrial effects of the Fascist Regime, Valle has used an on-the-spot exploration of a specific area of oilfields in Albania as the basis for his work. His art reflects the limitations and challenges imposed by the geological and geographical context, while also exploring the significance of land through a variety of artistic visions and techniques.
Through three distinct series, Valle investigates the negative and positive effects of petroleum use in everyday life and its consequences and perception towards the modern landscape. His artistic expression "everything is nature, even pollution" reflects his belief that there is beauty to be found even in contaminated territories.
The Land Pieces series is a floor installation created by collecting polluted earth from Valle's hometown of Kucova and molding it into striking shapes through a heating process. The triangular shape of these works represents the wealth pyramid, drawing attention to the inequality in wealth and quality of life within our society. 
The Missing Earth series is created using earth collected from Valle's travels around the world, mixed with oil and painted with natural colors. Inspired by the spatial concept of Lucio Fontana, this series is meant to recall the stars and planets in the universe, symbolizing our search for new planets as we leave our polluted earth behind.
The Teddies series is a poignant reflection on the uncertain future facing future generations due to our failure to protect them from pollution. Valle's own experiences as a child, playing in the backyard of contaminated fields in Kucova, inspired this series and serve as a reminder of the lasting impact of our actions on the world around us.
Valle’s works have been presented in various exhibitions in both Italy and internationally, including the 54th Venice Biennale, the Micro Museum in New York, the National Center of Contemporary Art Moscow, the Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art in Genova.