“Everything is nature, even pollution”

The fundamental source of energy that predominantly drives the global economy, yet paradoxically causes the most tension and conflict is petroleum. This element of oil was the first medium in which Valle began his artistic journey from an early childhood. 


Using art as an outlet, Valle projects the importance of battling against the overexploitation of land, along with the environmental impacts of pollution. Due to the political and ecological tension he witnessed unfold in his hometown Kurcova, Valle has managed to transform an ‘on the spot’ exploration of a specific area of oilfields in Albania, into pieces of work representing this environment. Starting out from the problems of restricted geological and geographical situations, the artist has given rise to multiple articulated visions that stimulate and reflect the importance of land throughout his work. 


Valle’s most representative work is his series Land Pieces, these distinctive works are created with the spreading of bituminous earth and rectangular pieces of ‘land’ immersed with petroleum from the Patos-Marinza Oil Field and showcased in conjunction with collections of ecologically endangered insects native to the geographical area.