Samuele Ventanni Italy , b. 1986

"The dynamic nature of futurism and spatialism cannot be limited to a static and two-dimensional representations, but to be considered with imagining circumstances without fear"

Italian Postwar & Contemporary painter Samuele Ventanni, was born in Umbertide, Italy in 1986. Ventanni plays with both concepts of futurism and spatialism by challenging the conventions of present conceptions by becoming avant-garde. The artwork created is built and designed in a manner to capture light, along with manipulating ways to accentuate certain hues and tones. Despite his young age, Ventanni has long been experimenting with the use of jeans fabric, "embroidering" with his own hand paintings with a rigorous flavor, enriched by a playful component expressed through soft foam rubber surfaces. These techniques can be seen in his works of acrylic on canvas, which has been stretched and modelled to create depth. 


Ventanni’s process of cutting the canvas in his work, challenges the notion of space both physically and metaphysically, where the movement within the pieces is continually evolving and developing. It is within this development that Ventanni emphasizes that space is eternal, and additionally integrates the fundamental principles of colour and sound to illustrate this. The basic elements are therefore used as a means of investigating the dynamism that arises from different waves of light, which transitions the abstract nature of space into material experimentation. The artist expresses that this shift in paradigm cannot be limited to a static and two-dimensional essence, but to play with the surrounding space and relate it back to the continuing advancements of the future.