Firetti Contemporary at Jubail Islands

Art of Living
For AD’s Art of Living at Jubail Island, Firetti Contemporary seeks to harness the transformative power of a thoughtfully curated selection of artworks to champion the project's core principles, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and community engagement.
This exhibition aims to ignite an appreciation for art that inspires a collective response to environmental challenges, encouraging viewers to see art through an ecological lens. It invites contemplation on how the environment is portrayed in visual and sculptural expressions and how humanity's role on Earth is depicted.
These diverse artists, hailing from different corners of the globe and representing various stages in their artistic journeys, exhibit exceptional mastery in their respective mediums, whether it be painting, sculpture, or innovative use of recycled and raw materials. Together, they unite in conveying a profound message about the environment, sustainability, and the inherent beauty of nature. Each artist contributes to the narrative, underscoring the importance of nurturing our planet and highlighting the essence of humanity's connection to it.
This exhibition serves as a manifesto, emphasizing that saving the planet is both a collective endeavor and an individual responsibility. It inspires viewers to recognize that, wherever they are and with the resources at their disposal, they possess the capacity to make choices that contribute to the preservation of our planet. It reminds us that every person on Earth can have an impact on this critical issue. By shifting our way of life and embracing practices that support the fight against climate change, we can live more fulfilled, sustainable, and environmentally conscious lives. Ultimately, it underscores the vital connection between humanity and nature, underscoring that compassion for our planet is essential for a happier, more meaningful, and sustainable existence.
The exhibited artists for this include Eltjon Valle (Albanian), Laura Lappi (Finnish), Jason Middlebrook (American), Paolo Nicolai (Italian), Collin Sekajugo (Uganda), Florence Nanteza (Uganda), Boris Anje (Cameroon), Yousra Wahba (Egyptian). Each artist brings a unique perspective and artistic language to the collective narrative of environmental consciousness and sustainability and calls for a collective commitment to preserving our planet for future generations.
January 28, 2024