Nasser Al Salem Saudi Arabian , b. 1984

“Although you could say my work is very much inspired by my religion, I by no means have a specific audience, and hope that my messages have a spiritual or historical significance for everyone”

Nasser Al-Salem’s artistic practice challenges the boundaries of the traditional Islamic art of calligraphy by re-contextualizing it in unconventional mixed media forms and conceptual potential through minimalist and architectural methods.


Al-Salem studied calligraphy in the Haram Al-Sharif and achieved an ‘Ijaza’ certificate – the highest form of recognition and authorization to transmit the art of calligraphy. He received his undergraduate in Architecture at Um Al-Kora University in Mecca, and currently lives and works in Jeddah. He is co-founder for Al-Hangar, an artist collective based in Jeddah, as well as a member of the National Guild of Calligraphers and an active fellow of Saudi Arabia’s Arts and Culture Group.