Axel Chay

Alex Chay is a self-taught artist known for creating evocative and sensual works that pay tribute to women and the spirit of the Mediterranean Sea. He is deeply influenced by the sea and the colors, graphic waves, and curves that it embodies, which are reflected in his pieces.
Chay's art is contemporary and sculptural, drawing inspiration from figures such as Donald Judd, Julio Le Parc, and Tom Wesselmann. He is particularly drawn to kinetic art and the Memphis movement, experimenting with a wide range of materials such as steel, aluminum, cork, wood, expanded foam, and plaster to create unique and technically-complex works.
Chay's aesthetic is characterized by a desire for rarity and a break from current design trends, resulting in pieces with a strong presence in space. His work extends beyond traditional art, to include interior design, decoration, and design projects, all of which reflect his love for the Mediterranean.