Bruno Helgen

Born in 1959 in Paris, Bruno Helgen is an artist who divides his time between Paris and Indonesia. He studied at l'École National des Beaux Art in Paris and is known for his globes which poetically illustrate the dance of the various cartographic representations of the continents, nation-states, oceans, and seas that separate them. His work reflects the ongoing dramas, whether tectonic, political, cultural, or religious, that continue to shape and define our world.
Helgen's designs are made from local wood from Bali, such as teak, and are adjusted to the beauty and imperfections of the individual piece of wood. He creates globes with a wooden base, which he then mixes with volcanic sand, lacquer, and metals. The process of carving each globe takes up to a week, and the white globes have ninety layers of acrylic resin, while the black globes are finished with volcanic beach sand from North Bali. Each globe is an expression of the unique qualities of the wood's natural form.
Helgen's work is a reflection of the beauty and complexity of our world, and he apologizes in advance if your country has been mutilated by art, irony, or circumstance in his representation.