Charbel Samuel Aoun Lebanese , b. 1980

“I seek the poetics of the medium through its tragic story” 



Lebanese artist Charbel Samuel Aoun, was born in 1980 and began his career as a conceptual designer. A profession he chose after earning a Master’s degree in architecture in 2004. During the following five years, Aoun worked as a conceptual designer in several architectural firms in Beirut, where he also explored the fields of audiovisual and theatre. 


In his work he combines his education as an architect and his passion for nature, experimenting with different materials and elements. He thereby creates a system that both examines and questions social and environmental realities. Aoun’s artistic universe unites various aspects and experiences throughout his life journey, with one heavily centering around his garden. The artist believes that the concept of a physical studio with a specific geographical location does not directly resemble the diversity and dynamic nature of itself. Aoun considers that a mobile and versatile studio is more suited given this day and age, due to residing amongst a time of constant movement and development surrounding our economy.