Fatiha Zemmouri Moroccan , b. 1966

Fatiha Zemmouri, explorer of the material, between painting, ceramics and sculpture.


Born in 1966, visual artist Fatiha Zemmouri is a graduate of the Casablanca School of Fine Arts. Very early in her career she developed interest in materials such as coal, burnt wood, ceramic, and porcelain. Zemmouri is an artist who aims to be materialistic in the sense where the exploration of an expanded palette of materials is at the heart of her work. The game of polyphony is used to accentuate the chronology that marks the different stages of the process of development and evolution of material itself.


Through polymorphic artwork, Fatiha Zemmouri carries thorough thinking around the notion of construction, deconstruction, regeneration and transformation. The artist develops an elaborate work in which natural elements such as water, fire and earth are fused with additional materials such as wood, coal, and dirt, having an essential place in her creations.