‘As we engage in the dichotomies of existence, the rhetoric between substance, essence and fate compels us into asking what is abstract, what is solid, what is common and what is particular. This discourse moves back and forth between the humanities and the sciences, constantly shedding and reconstructing subtle layers. Arguably, what is most incongruous in this discourse is what is most convergent within it: communication. Using a pure language, this work locks together geometry, faith and beauty, pushing the boundaries of what we know, how we know it and how it is perceived.’

Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Lulwah Al Homoud completed an MA in Communication Design with a focus in Islamic Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Being between Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and London, UK, Al Homoud closely represents her work with her ethnic background. 


As a pioneer in Saudi Arabia’ contemporary art movement, Al Homoud is celebrated for her intricate process that uses Arabic letters to form absorbingly complex abstract works on paper. Fascinated by the geometric intricacies of calligraphy, she trained under renowned Pakistani calligrapher Rasheed Butt. Calligraphy is central to Al Homoud’s work, which explores the complexities of linguistic, mathematical and visual systems of communication. Her artistic practice deconstructs Arabic script and applies ancient mathematical principles to devise unique systems of expression, revealed through the elaborate geometric patterns that have become a hallmark of her work. This process reflects Al Homoud’s preoccupation with the relationship between creator and creation, as well as the multifarious ways in which God communicates with man.