Arjan Shehaj

“I bring the image and forms to a minimum to make them ever more essential”

Arjan Shehaj, was born in 1989, Patos, Albania. In 2004, at the age of 14, he travelled from Albania to Greece and finally to Italy to complete his artistic studies, attracted by the Italian Renaissance tradition.


Shehaj made the first part of that journey crossing the forests of Greece for four days on foot. The raw earth elements of branches, trees, roots have remained as a persisting symbol in the artist's mind and work. Through his experiences on this journey, his work was born. Utilizing vibrant components that overlap in a meticulous and balanced manner, the fluidity of intersecting brushstrokes is seen. The colours that are observed at first glance appear to be unique, however in reality, is an energetic accumulation of tones and shades that exploit the same rules of optical perception as Seurat and Signac.