“I enjoy juxtaposing images, colours and text. I like form, silhouette, line and perspective. By looking at architecture from a cultural perspective in Lagos, I see the way people interact on the street and how they gesture to one another”


Kadara Enyeasi is an artist who lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. Trained as an architect and self-taught photographer, Enyeasi turned his talents and passion to creating images that span fashion, art and portraiture. The artist directs his self-created workshop known as Studio Enyeasi, an art and design based studio in Lagos. His photography plays with form, space and perspective and often looks at the body in relation to the urban environment.  

Enyeasi’s work engages in a multidisciplinary approach that comments on topics of body politics, sexuality and religion, myths and taboos in contemporary Nigerian society. By taking inspiration from his surrounding environment, Enyeasi began shooting photographs of friends and family as well as social gatherings in order to familiarize himself with the mechanisms of a camera. After learning about a photographer that utilized self-portraits as a means of studying other individuals, Enyeasi was intrigued and decided to take intimate self-portraits for four years. During this time, the artist used his room as a studio and began to study his body, how he saw himself and how he interacted with the outside world. This led to subconsciously exhibiting certain poses, and appearing to be flamboyant or a recluse.