“My work is more kind of anthropological, it’s never about me wanting to paint a figure, me wanting to paint a landscape or me wanting to tell a story about my life. Specifically, it always begins first with an object that I find, that is mostly ephemeral, and kind of magical because these objects put themselves in the world and then I discover them”


Rachel Libeskind was born in Milan, raised in Berlin and educated in America, holding a B.A. with Honors in Visual Studies from Harvard University. Libeskind is currently based between Berlin and New York, where she has become known for her multidisciplinary approach to her practice. Libeskind often merges her installations and performances with her studio practice, as well as incorporating everything from canvas to collage. The artist further completed two residencies at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center in Long Island in 2012 and is the 2014 winner of the Arts Students League Fellowship to create work at their studios in upstate New York.


An artist who is constantly pushing the boundaries of available mediums, Libeskind draws inspiration from themes both personal and public, creating a body of work that intelligently marries historical and contemporary notions of identity, gender, re-appropriation and reproduction, creating a situation where social commentary and materiality go side by side.